Legacy Supplier Migration

This article provides instructions for suppliers on how to migrate from the legacy version of Mothership to the new vendor portal. You should be able to complete the steps below without any help, but we are more than happy to jump on a call to walk you through the migration if necessary.

First, create a Mothership Vendor Portal account and connect it to Shopify.

Follow the steps in the vendor onboarding guide: https://supplier-support.mothership.fm/article/149-setup-for-shopify-vendors. When you get to the section asking you to enter an invite code, click the 'Skip this step' button. After clicking 'Skip this step', you should be take to a dashboard page similar to the image below.

Next, publish products to the Mothership Supplier sales channel

Now we're going to publish your products to the new version of Mothership. Please note, that there has been a small change in how you make products available to Mothership. In the past, you tagged products that you wanted Mothership to import with a 'Mothership' tag. Going forward, you make products available to Mothership by publishing them to the Mothership Supplier sales channel. You should keep the Mothership tag on any products currently published to the legacy version of Mothership until the migration is finished.

Please navigate to your Shopify admin panel where we will ensure that only the products you want published to Mothership are published to the Mothership Supplier sales channel.

  1. Click on the products link in the menu on the left.

  2. You're going to then select all of the products in your store. Remember to click the select all products link if one appears.

  3. Click the 3-dot button at the bottom of the page and then click on 'Exclude from sales channels'

  4. In the modal that pops up, click the checkbox next to Mothership Supplier only and then click the exclude products button.

  5. Next, we want to ensure that Mothership sees only the products you want to make available to the platform. Please refresh the page if you are currently on the Shopify products index page. Otherwise, please click on the products link in the menu on the left.

  6. Now we're going to filter your products so we only see those tagged with Mothership. You can do this by clicking on the filter button at the top and then telling Shopify to select only the products tagged with Mothership.

  7. Select all of the products in the in the filtered search results (and click the include results not on page link if one appears), click the 3-dot button at the bottom, and then click on the 'Include in sales channels link'.

  8. Next, we're going to jump back to the Mothership Vendor Portal, click on the products link in the menu on the left, and then click the synchronize products button at the top. Mothership will pull in the latest changes in the background. You'll need to refresh page to see the changes. How long the synchronization takes is a function of how many products you have in your store. If you have just a few, you should see the results almost immediately. If you have thousands, it could take a few minutes. The process is finished when you see only the products that you have published to the Mothership Supplier sales channel.

    You'll need to review the products to make sure that there are no products with red x's under the status column. Products that have a red x will not be made available to your retail partners. For information on how to fix product validation errors, please checkout the guide here:


Finishing the Migration

Now that you have products in Mothership, we need to connect your new account to your existing retailers. We'll do that on our end. Please contact support@mothership.fm once you've published all of your products to the new Mothership Supplier sales channel. We'll let you know when the migration is finished and follow up with any additional steps.

🔥 Importantly, please do not uninstall the legacy version of Mothership. We will uninstall the legacy version when we finish the migration.

Going forward, Mothership will function in pretty much the same way that it has in the past. Orders will still appear automatically in your Shopify admin and you should continue to fulfill them as before.

Please review our guides on the following pages, but please do not hesitate to schedule a short training call from https://calendly.com/aalfson/mothership-demo if you would like a more personalized tutorial.

Products and inventory: https://supplier-support.mothership.fm/collection/95-products-inventory

Orders and shipping: https://supplier-support.mothership.fm/collection/60-orders-shipping

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