Setting up Squarespace with the Mothership Vendor Portal

1. Register for a vendor account

Register for an account in the Mothership Vendor Portal here:

2. Create a Catalog

Catalogs are used to organize, price, and make products available to retailers. Each of your retailers will subscribe to one of your product catalogs.

To create a catalog, click on the catalogs link in the side menu and then click on Create Catalog at the top.

On the next page, fill out the form you see in the image below. 

Name: This should be something descriptive to you. You will be the only one who sees the catalog name. 
Default Margin: Typically, a supplier will offer a retailer a discounted price on their products. Mothership automates this price calculation through the default margin setting. For example if you offer a 25% margin and the retail price of the product is $10.00, your retailer will be able to purchase the product from you for $7.50.
Default Inventory Buffer: This is an artificial floor on the amount of inventory we report to the retailer. The inventory buffer can be used to reserve inventory for some other purpose or to help prevent overselling. For example, if a SKU has 10 items in stock, and the inventory buffer is set to 1, Mothership will report to the retailer that there are only 9 available. 

3. Configure Shipping

Next we need to create your shipping zones and associated shipping rates. Click on the Shipping link in the menu and then the blue Create Shipping Zone button at the top.

Fill out the form on the next page and click the Save Shipping Zone button at the bottom.
Name: A shipping zone is a group of countries with an associated shipping rates. For example, if you want to ship to all of the countries in the EU, you might name this shipping zone EU or Europe. 
Countries: The countries associated with this shipping zone.
Rate Type: Mothership's shipping rates are based upon either the total price or the total weight of the order. You'll need to select which type of shipping rates you want to include with this shipping zone. 

Next, you will need to create a tiered set of shipping rates for the shipping zone. You can create as many rates as you want, but please note that the min/max price ranges and the min/max weight ranges should not overlap with other rates in the shipping zone. 

If you want to create a flat shipping rate, set the min price or min weight to 0 and the max price or max weight to some very large number (i.e. $10,000 or 10,0000 oz).  

Once you're done, click the save shipping rate button. 

Connect to Squarespace

Next, we're going to connect Mothership to your Squarespace store. Please note, that you need the Squarespace Commerce Advanced plan to connect Mothership with Squarespace. 

First open your Squarespace Admin and click on the Settings link in the menu on the left.

Next, click on Advanced in the menu on the left. 

Then click on Developer API Keys in the menu on the left.

Fill out the form in the popup:
KEY NAME: Mothership

  • Products (read only)
  • Inventory (read only)
  • Orders (read and write)
  • Transactions (read only)

When you're done, click the Generate Key button at the top. 

On the next page, copy the API key and save it. We'll need it in the next couple of steps. 

Also, please note that if you ever want to disconnect Mothership from your Squarespace store, you should delete the API key that we generated here. 

Next, let's connect Mothership to Squarespace. Open up Mothership and click on the Integrations link and then click on the Squarespace card. 

In the pop-up form, enter your store's name and the API key that you generated from Squarespace copied down in one of the previous steps. Click the blue Connect button when you're done. 

If everything worked, you should see the Squarespace connection status change to Connected like the image below. 

Publishing products to Mothership from Squarespace

In your Squarespace store, you will need to tag each product you want to make available to Mothership with the Mothership tag. Don't forget to click on Done -> Save after you add the tag!

Note, if you want to remove a product from Mothership, you just need to remove the mothership tag from the product listing in Squarespace. 

After a minute, you should see those products populate in Mothership.

The last step you will need to take is to click on the product in Mothership. On the next page, check the box next to the catalogs you want to add the product to. Your retailer will only be able to access your products through the catalog to which they are subscribed. This allows you to mix and match the products you make available to different retailers. Once you've selected the catalogs, make sure to click the Save Product button at the bottom of the page!

Connecting to a Retailer

The last step is to connect your Mothership account to the retailer who invited you. You should have received an email invite from the retailer that looks something like the email below. The email contains an invite key (outlined in red). Copy and save the invite key from the email. We'll need it in the next step. 

Next, open up Mothership and click on the Retailers link in the menu on the left. Then click on the blue Connect to Retailer button. 

Next, Fill out the Connect New Retailer form in the popup. 
Invite Key: This is the key you copied from the email in the previous step.
Catalog: Select the catalog you want the retailer to subscribe to
Invoice Method: Select how you want to invoice the retailer. For now, choose the Invoice Outside of Mothership option. We'll start onboarding users with our Stripe integration in the next couple of weeks.
Invoice Frequency: Select Monthly. You can change this to Per Order, Daily, or Weekly when we activate our Stripe integration.

Lastly, click the blue Connect button at the bottom. 

If everything worked, you should see a confirmation screen like the one listed below. At this point, the retailer will have access to your products and will be able to start placing orders with you through Mothership


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