Publishing Product Feeds

Product Feeds

For retailers that connect to your account through our web-based Mothership Connect app, Mothership publishes your product catalogs as feeds that are available to download or through our API. 

Product feeds export your product data in a convenient format so that your retailers can import your products into their e-commerce stores. Each retailer is give access to a product feed based upon the product catalog to which they are assigned. This allows you to customize the selection of products, pricing, and availability of products for each retailer. Additionally, product feeds contain up-to-date inventory quantities that let your retailers know how much of given product is available to be sold. You can even configure an inventory buffer that ensures that your inventory will never drop below a certain threshold as a result of sales through Mothership. 

You can download your current product feeds by going to the catalog configuration page and clicking on the 'Active Product Feed' and 'Deleted Product Feed' links in the 'Product Feed' section.

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