Margin is defined as the difference between the retail price of a product in your online store and the cost to the retailer. Mothership uses margin values to calculate the cost to the retailer for a particular product variant.

Formula used in calculating the cost to the retailer: 
cost to retailer = retail price * ( 1 - margin )

Margin of 33.00% and a product variant with a price of 100.00

Cost to retailer = 100.00 * ( 1 - 0.33 ) = 67.00

Default Margin

If you have a lot of products in a catalog, manually setting the cost of each product can be a hassle. Mothership lets you avoid this problem by defining a default margin for all products in your catalog. When applied, Mothership will use the default margin as the basis for calculating the cost to the retailer. You can define a default margin when you initially create a catalog, or later on by going to the catalog's settings page and updating the input field in the image below. 

You can override the default margin on individual catalog products by going to the catalog product's configuration page in Mothership.

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