Making products available to your retailers

Prerequisite: Make sure the product is published to Mothership. 

Before we begin, ensure that the product you want to add to a catalog is published to Mothership. To publish a product to Mothership, you will need to tag it with 'Mothership' from the product's configuration page (see image below). In turn, if you want to unpublish a product from Mothership, you need to remove the Mothership tag. 

Alternatively, you can bulk publish or unpublish products from Mothership by using Shopify's bulk tagging feature (see image below). 

Add products to your product catalog

To add a product to a catalog, go to the product's configuration page in your Shopify admin panel: 

  1. Click on 'Products' in the left-hand menu. On the next page, find the product that you want to add to your catalog and click on it's title. This should take you to page that looks similar to the one below. 

    Click on the 'More Actions' button on the top, and then select "Configure in Mothership" (as in the image above). 

Select the catalog that you want to add the product to. If you're going through this the first time, there will be only one selection available. Next, click the purple 'Add Product to Catalog' button. You'll be taken to the page below. 

This page gives you all kinds of configuration information related to the product in the catalog. The values here are specific to the catalog selected. Since a product can belong to more than one catalog, the values associated with this product can vary from catalog to catalog. 

Each product variant has the following pieces of information: 

  • The SKU and options string on the left. 
  • The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). This is the retail price for the product variant found in your online store.
  • Cost. This is what the retailer is charged when they purchase the product variant. 
  • Margin Override. This lets you specify a margin value different from the catalog's default margin. 
  • Inventory Buffer Override. This lets you specify an inventory buffer different from the catalog's inventory buffer. 

2. If you want to manually set the price for each product variant, you can do so by clicking on the "Turn on manual pricing override" link in the top right. You will then be taken to a similar page where you can specify the Cost and MSRP values. 

Using Shopify's collections to bulk add and remove products from a catalog

If you have a large number of products that you want to add or remove from a catalog, you can configure the catalog to track the product membership of a collection in Shopify. To start, create a collection in Shopify and add products to the collection. Note, any product that you add to the collection must also include the Mothership tag or Mothership will not recognize it as being published to the app. Once you've added the products, copy the collection ID from the collection's URL in Shopify (please see the red square in the image below). 

Next, open up Mothership and navigate to the catalog's configuration page by clicking on the Mothership dropdown, selecting Catalogs, and then either editing an existing catalog or creating a new one. On the catalog configuration page, scroll to the Product Membership section, select "Track the product membership of a Shopify Collection", and then enter the collection ID that you copied earlier (Please see image below). Every couple of hours, Mothership will ensure the catalog's product membership is the same as the collection's membership. 

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