How to publish WooCommerce products to Mothership

Publishing products

It's easy to publish products from your WooCommerce store to Mothership. For each product you want to pull into platform, tag it with "Mothership".

You can tag each product from it's configuration page. Note, as part of the installation process, Mothership creates a Mothership tag in your WooCommerce store.

Mothership will automatically pull in your newly tagged products about once per minute. However, you can trigger the process yourself by opening up the Mothership Vendor Portal and clicking on the sync products button at the top of the product index page. If you wait a few seconds and then hit refresh, you should see your new products in the list.

Unpublishing products

To remove products from Mothership, you just need to remove the Mothership tag from the product in your WooCommerce store. The next time it synchronizes, Mothership will automatically remove the products from its platform and disconnect the corresponding listings in your retail partners store.

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