How to publish Squarespace products to Mothership


This article assumes you have set up a Mothership Vendor Portal account and have connected it to your Squarespace store.

A quick word on synchronization: Behind the scenes, Mothership automatically pulls down the latest changes from your Squarespace store. This process will add or remove any product you've made available or unavailable to Mothership. We check for the latest changes about once per minute, but you can always trigger a synchronization by clicking on the sync products button at the top of the product index page in the Mothership Vendor Portal.

Publishing and Unpublishing products from Squarespace to Mothership

You can publish a product to Mothership from Squarespace by tagging it with 'Mothership'. If you remove the tag, the product will be removed from the Mothership vendor portal and no longer be available to your retail partners.

Manage product tags in Squarespace

To add or remove a product tag, open up your Squarespace admin panel and navigate to the commerce section and click on inventory. Select the product you want to manage and click on the 3-dot button and select edit from the menu.

One the next page, scroll to the section titled Organization. Here you can add or remove the Mothership tag. Don't forget to save.

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