How to fix publising errors

Mothership product requirements

Mothership requires that all products published to the platform have a title and at least one image. In turn, all variants must a unique SKU and a non-zero price.

How do I know if any of my products do not meet the requirements?

When you publish products to Mothership from your Shopify admin panel, Mothership will evaluate each product to ensure that it meets the requirements. Products that that have missing or invalid data are flagged for your review in 3 ways. 

1. Mothership provides product-specific feedback within the product's configuration page in your Shopify admin.

2. Mothership also links to invalid products on the Mothership Supplier sales channel admin page. 

Clicking on the Not Published product link will open up the product index page in Mothership. Here, the invalid products are easily identified by the red x in the status column of the product index page. 

Clicking on the product title will bring you to the product detail page where you can see more specific feedback.

How can I fix product validation errors?

Mothership treats Shopify as the source of truth for all product data. As such, you will need to address whatever issues the product has within Shopify and then wait for Mothership to pull in your latest product changes. Product synchronization happens once per minute. Once that's done, we'll reevaluate your product and update or remove any validation errors. 

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