How do I configure shipping?


For each country that you ship to, you need to configure a flat-rate for each of three shipping service levels in Mothership (economy, standard, and expedited). In turn, the retailer will map their shipping rates into the three shipping service levels. Then, when an order comes in, Mothership can translate the end-customer's selected shipping service level into the services offered by the supplier. If for some reason Mothership cannot find a mapping between the retailer's requested service and the service levels offered by the supplier, Mothership will default to the supplier's configured economy service level.

Configure shipping

To get started, open up the Mothership Vendor Portal and click on Shipping in the left-hand menu. 

On the next page, click the blue "Add Country" button to be redirected to the country shipping rate configuration page.

Next, select the country you want to configure rates for. By default, Mothership only supports flat shipping rates. We encourage you to use your average shipping rate for each service level. If you need carrier calculated rates, please contact support for further information.

When you're finished, click Save. You'll be returned to the shipping rate index page where you will have the option to configure shipping rates for another country. 

A Note about Carrier Calculated Rates

We can configure Mothership to use carrier calculated rates if required. Please contact support for further information.

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